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Thinking sustainably, developing products for the future and acting responsibly.

Sustainability is an integral part of Aluform’s corporate philosophy. This begins with procurement and eco-friendly production processes and extends to the long, maintenance-free service life of our products and “end of life” recycling. We have already demonstrated our capability in this respect in numerous projects and work in collaboration with our partners and customers.  We seek to make a full contribution to the achievement of global sustainability goals.

Our responsibility. A world worth inhabiting for future generations.

Aluform corporate philosophy

Focused on sustainability 

  • Aluform manufactures its products to the highest ecological standards and works continuously to optimise its production processes in order to improve their carbon footprint.
  • All new product developments and materials used are checked for their carbon footprint at the procurement stage and monitored thereafter. The products and systems developed meet the highest energy-saving and sustainability standards. For example, the new factory building on the Bernsdorf site has been built with Aluform aluminum sandwich panels in accordance with the requirements of the 2009 German Energy Saving Ordinance.
  • The roofs of the Aluform factories have been retrofitted with AluSolar PV systems. A total of 121,1 kWP of climate neutral energy is produced on an area of 3,200 m2, some of which is used internally and the excess is fed into the electricity grid. This reduces energy costs by approximately 100,000 kWh per year.
  • A new biogas cogeneration plant on the site supplies around 85% of the thermal energy required in the factory. This enables Aluform to reduce its CO2 emissions by 500 metric tonnes per year.

Building responsibly.

Sustainable thinking in architecture and the construction industry forms the basis for responsible action. Aluform offers architects and designers products and system solutions which meet the requirements of a positive environmental footprint and provide the maximum possible freedom for contemporary architecture.

Our materials

The materials used in our products are environmentally friendly and 100% recycleable at the end of their life time.

Energy saving recycling

Around 95% of the energy required is saved by recycling the aluminum.

Longlasting products

The durability of our products supports the sustainable construction of industrial, office and residential buildings. 

Intelligent solutions

Our products, such as photovoltaic solutions incorporated into the roof, enable eco-friendly construction.

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