The all-rounder for high architectural performance.

A permanent thin oxide layer protects aluminum against destructive atmospheric conditions.  Aluminum provides the best possible thermal and sound insulation. Aluminum façades and roofs create a pleasant indoor climate in summer and are effective in keeping the cold out in the winter months. Construction site times are also significantly reduced as aluminum panels are largely prefabricated and the lighter weight enables even relatively large building components to be transported.

Like the body’s skin, aluminum façades and roofs protect building against external environmental factors. Aluminum is characterised by excellent resistance to corrosion caused by weather conditions and can be used without any additional surface protection. The use of aluminum is, therefore, a simple way of achieving decades of maintenance-free service life. Various processes can be used to further enhance the surface for decorative purposes (source:

Durable, versatile, resistant


  • robust and durable

  • recyclable

  • UV-resistant

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