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How is the span determined (span query)?

Information on the wind and snow load in question is required in order to calculate the panel span. If this information is not available, it can be determined from the building geometry and location. You will find a template here.

Span tables exist for the following products: sinusoidal and trapezoidal panels, sandwich panels, FALZRIPP® and ALUDECK® standing seam panels, siding profiles and long span cladding panels.

What roof pitch is possible?

Depending on the product and depending on whether profiled sheets with or without cross joints are used, they have different roof pitches.


without transverse joint

with transverse joint

Sinusoidal/Trapezoidal sheets

3 °

5 °

Sandwich panels

3 °

5 °


1,5 °

2,9 °

Corrosion on contact with other materials?

The alloys used by us, EN AW 3004, 3005 and 5005, are characterised by a long service life even in an aggressive industrial atmosphere. Aluminium is resistant to concrete, lime and cement mortar, gypsum and screeds, provided that these are dry or set hard.

Contact with copper, bare steel and to some extent lead must be avoided.

Technical service?

Span calculations and installation plans including system details for the products supplied can be provided on request.

Fire safety

All Aluform sinusoidal and trapezoidal panels, siding profiles, cladding panels and standing seam panels comply with building material class A 1 as per DIN 4101-2, including in combination with SP or PDVF paint coatings. The fire behaviour of ALUTHERM® sandwich panels is classified in class Bs3d0.

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