Project consultancy

The satisfaction of our customers and developers is Aluform’s top priority. With consistent high quality on cost-effective terms and a comprehensive consultancy, design and implementation service, we guarantee the results expected of us. We meet every challenge and make the almost impossible feasible. Not for nothing are we among the leading European manufacturers of roof and façade systems.

Our service also includes Aluform instructors, who train and guide external installation contractors directly on site. Our aim is to embody and live up to the principle of “one-stop shopping” by offering a comprehensive service. We take care of every detail so that each construction project achieves perfect results.


Technical support

Aluform offers a wide-ranging technical support service at the initial and detailed design stages, including the implementation of projects. This includes amongst other things determining spans based on the load-bearing capacity of profile panels, connectors and the calculation of specific structural requirements (cantilever calculations).


Specification services for designers and architects

As part of our service, we can provide you with individual tendering specifications for your next building project. As a basis, you have a selection of standard specifications available in the downloads section. Our specialist consultants will be pleased to advise you. Request our specification service
Request tendering service.


Structural calculations

As part of our complete project support, Aluform will undertake the preparation of structural proposals for all connection details. Our technical support team at our Bernsdorf factory or our specialist consultants in the field are available to provide project-specific advice. 


Production technology 

Highly efficient, modern machinery is the key to manufacturing Aluform roof and façade systems to deadline. Mobile roll forming equipment enables the safe, reliable and cost-effective realisation of building projects anywhere in the world.  

  • Aluform’s machinery pool includes:
  • Broad and narrow strip roll formers
  • Cambering and chamfering units
  • Mobile roll formers
  • Mobile cambering unit
  • Transverse part systems
  • Bending presses for lengths up to 6 m


Metal sheet forming

Metal sheet forming is carried out on milling machines and bending presses for lengths of 4.0 m and 6.0 m. Aluminum sheets of up to 3.0 mm thickness can be processed on our machines. Thicker sheets and other materials must be tested to check whether they can be handled.

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